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The Vibe - Recommended Re-Viewing

Recommended Re-Viewing: Can’t wait for ‘Succession’ Season 3? Try ‘Festen’

Recently, when preparing to interview the Danish director Thomas Vinterberg about his new film Another Round, which won the Oscar for “best international feature film” on Sunday, we rewatched his debut feature, Festen. On its release in 1998, Festen, or The Celebration, was something of a sensation – and it still is.


Amber, Carolyn & Shalom: The Neverending Joy of ’90s Supermodels

Nineties fashion icons Shalom Harlow, Carolyn Murphy and Amber Valletta, now in their 40s, are passing wisdom on to a new generation of models—and continuing to dazzle in their own right.
The Vibe - Amber, Carolyn & Shalom
The Vibe - Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins Expects Nothing and Accepts Everything

A conversation about happiness with the two-time Oscar winner.

Seven Great Travel Documentaries To Inspire Your Next Trip

Whether you are mood boarding ideas for a hike in the Himalayas or want to follow the exact flight path of globetrotting surfers, chances are a documentarian will have been there, done that and recorded an exhilarating 90-minute film about it. So, close down the TripAdvisor tabs, put away the Rough Guide, and stream seven of the boldest travel ideas to stick on your bucket list.

Adventure, Please
The Vibe - Seven Great Travel Documentaries
VINNY's In The Wild

VINNY’s In The Wild

Elsa Being Elsa – in Le Club.