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An ode to a city we love. The home away from home. We’re dedicating this edition of The Vibe to Paris. The most stylish city ever?


Words from the founder

For me, Paris is where it all began. Our parents took me and my brothers there every Summer to visit extended family and build out the wardrobe. We did the tours of everything worth seeing, but I came for the weekends. We traded all the usual arrondissements for city outskirts, flea markets, and field trips. It was the comfort, the food, the smells, the people, the vibe for me. Still is.Work blesses me with a trip at least two times a year now, and I always look for moments of discovery whenever the schedule allows it. Taking left turns instead of right, following intuition, and steering away from the known and usual. However, I rarely go without a sit-down at Chez Omar for a bite of merguez, couscous, and fries. Bet on that.I took my son last year. We had two days, far too little time to do it all, but enough to have him get the wif of it. His smile and curiosity took me back to my younger self, and I cannot wait to return for another season.

– Virgil

A recommendation from our friend Patrick B. Andreasson

“At a time when everybody screams ‘retail is dead,’ I always find it soothing to visit See Fan. See Fan is a little store, not much bigger than 25 or 30m2, but it packs a lot of great stuff. Mainly Korean brands you won’t find anywhere else in Europe, all with a lot of attention to fit and details. There’s quite a big selection, and there’s always this feeling that they’ve just received some new goods still in boxes, just about to be unpacked. This all makes the feeling of finding that perfect, unique item a little more satisfying.”


Dreamin Man.jpg__PID:a11d62a5-5671-44a5-ae38-f51cf61bffaa

Dreamin of Dreamin man

Although it hasn’t been around for decades, Dreamin Man has become a favorite among locals and visitors. The small coffee shop is cozy, laid back and yet perfectly insistent on serving the best third wave coffee and baked goods. Also, their service is immaculate. Go pick up some of their merch and a coffee to-go if you’re ever in town.

Check them out

The OG hotel to rule them all

The Ritz Hotel Paris first opened in June of 1898, created by the visionary hotelier, Swiss-born Cesar Ritz. Located in the iconic square Place Vendôme, the hotel has one of the most famed locations in the city. If you’re around, you should check out their restaurant (they do a decent cheeseburger at lunch) or the legendary Hemingway Bar if you’re in the mood for a drink. Or you can book a room if that’s your, well, vibe.


Ritz Paris.jpg__PID:a55671f4-a5ee-48f5-9cf6-1bffaa99a814

Eat, love, Bronson

Looking for places to eat in the city? We’d recommend checking out Action Bronson’s guide to the best meals in the city of love. In five minutes you can basically catch up on places to eat for the next five years.

Go see

Paul, Eat, Bert

Iconic is in many ways an overused word, but it does the job when describing Bistro Paul Bert in the 11th. Classic food, better vibes and no-fuss service – this place has it all. If you want to book, it might be time to brush up on your French. Or, you know, ask the concierge if they’ll book on your behalf.

Bon appetit