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Don’t call it a comeback. Seriously. Don’t. But we’re back with The Vibe. This time, we’re catching up with our friend James Trivunovic of Options Distribution. And catching up on some weekend watching and reading. Dig in.


CATCHING UP WITH… James Trivunovic

What do you do for a living? I am currently the head of brand for Options Distribution and The Great Divide web store, and also founder of No Boundary Ever creative agency.

What is the best thing to wear with loafers? I like to keep it preppy and wear them with washed denim and a sweatshirt or a pair of chino shorts in the summer. Nothing too formal.

What is your favorite city to visit? It has to be Venice in autumn. The way you can wander the streets and discover so many places to eat and drink is amazing. I also love the fact there are no cars or roads. Less distractions.

What is your favorite song at the moment and why? My favorite song at the moment is Courtney Marie Andrews called Let Her Go. She is a phenomenal country-esque singer from the US. An amazing songwriter and singer.

Do you have a style icon? I don't have one specific icon I suppose, but for me it’s more around moments in my style timeline and who influenced me at that point. Jay Kay from Jamariquoi was the first person I ever looked at that made me think about the power of style when I was around 13 years old. Then into the 00’s it had to be Pharrell Williams and the way he had so many different looks that reflected his mood. He never had one specific look which always resonated with me. Then into the modern day, I would say my style is influenced by Japan, and the icons of the Japanese fashion industry such as Hiroki Nakamura from Visvim and Noboru Kakuta.

Why is it important for you to make an effort? Dressing for yourself, not anyone else. I think it’s important to dress for the mood you are in that day, and not be too prepared with your style and outfits. Making an effort with your style is good for the soul.

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