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Checking in with: Patrick Boje Andreassen

Checking in with Patrick, Senior Designer at the high-street cycling brand Pas Normal Studios. Patrick’s a good friend of the house, knows his way around clothing, and brings a few tips on Paris, T-shirts and how to style your VINNY’s for the summer

  So, Patrick, let us in on a secret. How do you pull off a white-on-white outfit? 

 Haha, I think the right pair of shoes and confidence gets you there.

When starting a new design project at Pas Normal Studios, what are you hoping to accomplish? 

 A proper product - that’s what we always set out to accomplish. Since time is now so valuable for most, and cycling is such a time-consuming activity, I basically want us to make a product that’s worth people’s time.   Best tip to the quarantined sweatpants-wearing people out there on how to stay sane (and well-dressed)?   Get out on the bike! That has forever been my main way to stay sane – even before this whole shitshow of a world pandemic. It’s so versatile, it works wonders both if you go for a slow base miles ride to think or a blood tasting interval session to avoid thinking. Nothing aids the mind as much as fresh air and burning quads. That or online shopping. 

What are the essential items in your wardrobe? 

 I love my blank white t-shirts. A good heavyweight, with a dry hand-feel and a boxy fit. I’ve tried so many that it’s started to be kind of an obsession. My current go-to’s are Camber USA, Pro Club, Uniqlo U, and of course Pas Normal Studios.

Once Covid-19 is a thing of the past, what’s the first thing you set out to do? 

 I’ve always joked about the fact that I always have a trip to Paris in the books, so that has got to be the first thing to do when the world opens up again. 

We couldn’t do it better ourselves. Okay, 2 days in Paris, what are your plans?   

 I tend to stay in Marais as the tourist I am, but it’s still so good. I’d say day one could start at Paperboy for breakfast and a coffee at Dreamin Man, maybe followed by an early stop at Clown Bar – hydration is key in Paris. Then I’d walk to Bertrand Grébaut’s part of Paris - Rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement. Could be something like oysters at Clamato, then a late lunch at Septime, and after that exploring some more wines at La Cave. Then stroll back towards Marais for an easy dinner. Au Petit Fer a Cheval on Rue Vieille du Temple has a great staff and makes a good old-school steak tartare and nice simple drinks. The day after it could start with a late breakfast at for example La Favorite, before browsing some stores or visiting a museum, like Musée Picasso Paris. By this time, you’ll need to eat or drink, so I’d either go to Miznon for falafel and cauliflower or find a small café to drink red wine and do some people watching. Generally, Paris is just for walking around, hanging out, and watching people.

Finally, how are you styling your VINNY’s this summer? 

 With shaved legs.

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