Checking In With: Zakaria Khiare

Time to check in with the extended family again. Link-up with @zakariakhiare on his new foray into jewelry design.

A good read, and coincidentally a good opportunity to get your eyes on the full Vinny's Readers Club

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In 5 words: who is Zakaria?

That’s too short to put in five. But here’s a shot. Zakaria is passionate, patient, crazy, creative and ambitious

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people around me. With people comes culture, which is one of my biggest drivers in life. I am also highly inspired by nature, architecture, which I like to combine with human history
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Mixing silver and gold - go or no-go?

Easy: it’s either or. For purity and aesthetics, I prefer not to mix.

Where are you in 5 years?

In five, I’ll be an even happier man with my own thriving jewelry business. My life and pleasures are a blend of fun, exciting and creative activities both in professional and private aspects, so I am looking forward to exploit my opportunities even further.

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When will we see your loafer-tassel design?

The second you guys tell me you are ready to roll! 

Btw. We’re going out do dinner tonight. What are you wearing?

You can bet on me, and a fresh haircut, a sweater, some jeans and a proper, adequate but most importantly, warm jacket. I’ll sport my latest pieces and my new SS22 snaffle-bit Townees on my feet