We've been sporting dress shoes and penny loafers since we could walk; worn them all and kept a few. That's how our claim to fame sticks: Honesty, well-being, and respect is everything to us. For product, for ourselves, and our neighbor's neighbor. 

Our defeats and our victories shape us. But so does our lifelong love for our dad's hand-me-downs, our adolescence of millennial hip hop, and our adulthood of Pinot Noir and poplin shirts under our hoodies.

Accompanied by our ethos [put a smile on it!] and our ambition to do better and be better worldly citizens, we design and draw from our second home in Rådhusstræde, Copenhagen. Then, carefully assembled by more than 150 hands in Porto, Portugal, we redefine things. Penny loafers don't make us anymore. We make them.

VINNY's isn't exclusive. It's all of us coming together in coming-of-age. See you out there.